Servo Controlled Voltage Stabiliser

Speciality of ECS-Servo Voltage Stabiliser is furnished below  :

Total Control of Power Quality and Voltage Fluctuations 

Steady Volt by ECS is a state of the art Voltage Stabiliser designed to protect such machines and equipment against voltage variations. As per your requirement, ECS provides controlled output voltage against a wide range of voltage fluctuations (200V. – 500V. 3 Ø ).

An investment in ECS Voltage Stabiliser pay off twice as fast 

With best in class response time and correction rates, Steady Volt offers improved power quality and greater energy efficiency, thereby saving the cost of breakdowns and energy utilization. Apart from protecting your machines and equipment from damage, ECS Voltage Stabiliser also saves energy during continuous operations

High Quality, High Performance, High Reliability 

ECS Voltage Stabiliser is manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified factory using the best quality of materials such as prime grade magnetic and electrical conductors, electronics and sturdy enclosures. Every ECS Voltage Stabiliser unit passes through a stringent quality assurance at various stages of manufacturing from raw material to finished goods and final testing to ensure high reliability & consistent performance.

Key Features 

Instant Response & Fast Corrections 

Variable speed Servo motor and proportional control circuits provide a response time of 10msec to correct voltage fluctuations without noise of oscillations in output.

Lower Running Cost                          

Due to high operational efficiency of better than 95% as compared to 90% from other brands.

Universal Fit                                      

Designed to work on unbalanced line and load conditions when each phase is individually controlled with separate variable speed motors and electronic controls.

D. G. Compatibility                           

Special RMS sensing circuit eliminates drift in output voltage, current and frequency, even with distorted waveform to avoid unnecessary tripping.

Components Quality                          

Only components conforming to CE/IS/BS/VDU standards are used after being rigorously tested for capacity to produce high performance

Fast Payback        

Reduced power loss and resultant lower running cost doubles the cost savings and ensures quick recovery of your investment


Low Maintenance and Trouble-Free Operation

Automatic machine-wound variable auto transformers with imported carbon brush and silver-plated contacts minimizes the carbon deposit for smoother contacts.

High grade C.R.G.O Lamination and electrolytic grade copper wires of 99.99% purity for variable transformers

All equipment undergo accelerated life test and each component is individually tested to meet the relevant quality standards

High torque, low inertia servo motor ensures critically damped response under all types of load and supply conditions

Higher overload capabilities to withstand high starting or regenerative currents, typical in CNC machines

Plug-in type PCBs, reduce downtime and ensure high reliability

Technical Specifications  :

Output Voltage                                   : 230V AC for 1 phase
415V AC for 3 phase
380V AC for 3 phase
Regulation                                           ± 1% or 0.5%
Frequency                                           : 47-53 Hz.
Efficiency                                           : Better than 95%.
Waveform distortion                           : Nil
Effect of load power                          : Nil
Digital Metering                                  : Voltage, Current, Under & Over Voltage, Overload & Short Circuit, 
Single phasing / Phase reversal, Neutral loss, Surge suppression.
Cooling                                               : a) Air cooled
b) Oil cooled (transformer grade oil of IS-335)

Ambient                      0-45°C, RH up to 90%